These Days You Simply Have To Meditate (And Why)

Because of Human Conditioning

Each individual is born with a unique set of factors that influence his emotional reactions, thought patterns, or attitudes to ever-changing situations. For every human, this spectrum of conditions is unique. It includes hereditary traits and cultural circumstances that shaped a person’s psyche. Yet, we learn new qualities during the lifetime.

My paternal ancestor had artistic skill and often drew horses. For this reason, I appeared to be a talented drawer in my elementary and I was always receiving the highest marks from art. You can imagine the street in front of our family’s 2 floor house that was always painted with colored chalk. While I am in my 40s my daughter paints digital arts and she’s passionate about creating manga comics for life.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Speaking about my grandpa, I also realized 2 years ago at the shooting range that I have a customs eye good enough for shooting tournaments. I never served in the military nor had a gun in my hands before. But my grandpa was a cavalry officer who could shoot well.

My wife enjoys her linguistic skills, thus my second daughter owns it, so in her spare time she learns Japanese and Korean (and she loves K-Pop songs). Both of my parents had hypertension, and therefore I infer that’s the reason me and my sister got it as well. My partner has hypotension instead, so will our girls suffer from hypertension or not, time will reveal.

It’s probably hard to imagine how varied these conditions may be, how often they can combine themselves and transform the conditions of each generation. The hypertension or plastic talents are just two tiny cases. I could probably write a book about my other personal experiences, like anger attacks, long-term depression, propensity for alcohol and overweight.

All-in-all, that’s simply our condition, and that’s also why humans feel so differentially about various ideas and situations, whether it is LGBT or daily espresso. Some of them will love anime, others will feel anxious about it. And you cannot easily change it because that’s how we are and yet, it affects everyone from a village kid to the President of USA.

Because There Is Something Unconditioned In You

Ok, you’re probably wondering what human conditioning has to do with meditation, and why do I mention it first place? Meditation gives us a certain distance from what is arising in our heads. As you have noticed, the conditions mentioned earlier affect our judgments and feelings, as well as what decisions and actions we do. Therefore, in order to be more intelligent in our decisions, we need to pass through the conditioning and observe who we are at the bottom of our consciousness. Then, from that perspective, we can perceive directly that we are not those hopes, dreams and expectations. Ultimately, you experience unspeakable harmony and joy in existence itself that stays with you for the rest of your day.

How do you manage that? First, you require experiencing that a meditation may be valuable to you. I am pragmatist, therefore personal experience is the only way you could convince me to anything. Then, after having a proof of concept, you train yourself through daily practice that at some stage would permit you to calm that storm of thoughts and dark emotions and let you into a deeper level of yourself.

Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Some practices help me observe and master powerful emotions or addictions. The practices of insight help me every day with a tendency to anger, nervousness or aggression. They likewise provide a deeper perspective that allows me to experience daily that the basis of my being is an unconditioned joy, peace and happiness (not to mention how this is transforming my entire life from ground up).

I am not stating that meditation is a cure for all pain. I am definitely not qualified to give such advice, but in my case it has been and continues to be very helpful and transformational experience that confirms making my life more enjoyable, daily.

In the other articles, I will try to present specific methods and exercises that you can try yourself and which can serve you as well (or even better).

Thank you for reading this very personal article and see you in next one!


I am not any kind of self-formed or licensed (in any way) meditation instructor. I am just another buddy from the internet trying to share something that may be valuable to those needing to find out what meditation can provide us. Therefore, I am also not a doctor and in this story, there is no medical prescription or treatment of any kind. I am just sharing my story and I am not responsible for your health and am not instructing you to follow my advice blindly. For some diseases, I do not recommend meditation as it may deepen the illness even more. Please report to your doctor early.

Also, I didn’t write this article to offend any of mentioned traditions or meditation schools. I just wrote about my knowledge, experiences and what I gained from them. If you think I wrote something misleading, please place it in the comments below, so I can adjust the article (if your point is convincing).



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C. J. Kepinsky

C. J. Kepinsky

Works professionally as a software engineer since 2002. Pragmatist. Loves family, meditation, nature and tech news.