Issues I encountered after upgrading to macOS Monterey (and solutions)

GIT error: “xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools)”

so, when your command line shows the above error that means the Command Line Tools are not working correctly and you need to reinstall it. To do so, you simply run the following command in Terminal:

xcode-select --install

After the installation process is finished you can simply try to re-open the Terminal and see if GIT is working. If not then a full OS restart is needed.

Music breaking up & Mac slowing down

The main issue here is the old OS’ cached data and you simply need to clear that up. To do so you can do either:

  1. run a Smart Scan in CleanMyMac app or
  2. Shut down your Mac, then turn it on and press and hold down the

Option + Cmd+ P + R

keys until you hear the startup sound.

Some apps not auto-starting up anymore

Eeer.. add them to Autostart manually? Sorry, this is what I did and it helped :) and I did it by using the in-app dedicated option available in the settings panel of that app or by right-clicking on its Dock icon:

Notion allows to add it to Autostart right from its Dock icon

Battery being quickly discharged

this one I already heard about but not an issue for me (yet) as I am using my Mac mainly at home. BUT from what I read/heard — the newest Safari version is much less battery consuming than Chrome, so switching to Safari might help.


I already tried to switch to Safari but couldn’t find a free plugin for the LastPass password manager I’ve been using for a decade. So, I’d probably need to switch to Apple’s keychain manager first (and I don’t feel convinced yet) or buy a premium LastPass subscription (not that much money, hmm…).

Did the article help you? Did you use a different solution to the above issues?

Please share!



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