6 Videos You Should Learn From Before The End Of Pandemic

C. J. Kepinsky
1 min readNov 28, 2021


How are you?

The videos below teach how to start taking care of your mental and physical health. I’ve been doing different types of meditation for more than 10 years (not every day for sure) and some Pilates exercises for the last 5 years (after some spine issues and recognized spondylolisthesis). Definitely, worth checking.

Here you have a great and yet simple meditation practice anyone can use to take a rest from anxiety, feel peace inside and get back to normality.

And if you are like me a few years ago sitting 8h a day at the desk and feeling that chronic back pain then you should definitely try some Pilates exercises. Don’t think too much, just try it and see its impact:

See How Pandemic Is Going To Impact Workplaces in 2022

short and interesting summary of new trends that appeared recently in workplaces across the world (along with some surprising stats).

How The Pandemic Impacted Globalization

Is the global market a good or bad thing? Whatever answer you resonate with, this video shows you how it was impacted by Covid and therefore how it may change our lives in 2022.

See How The Pandemic Impacted the Nature

(available on Apple TV)

A beautiful film about not only how the pandemic impacted the world of nature but also about the ways we have been a problem for some endangered animals and we didn’t even realize, until now. How these realizations would impact our lives? A trailer below:



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